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I-75 Billboard in GA.

10 ft x 40 ft Billboard
This is a I -75 billboard located in South Georgia. The single faced billboard has a 20 year lease. The lease payment to the landowner is once a year and it is $800. If you're looking to get into the Billboard business this is the least expensive wa...

Digital Billboard

14 ft x 48 ft Digital Billboard
What you would be buying his one 14 x 48 forty-eight digital billboard, Lease, and permit. Traffic flow through this City of Atlanta. They called the connector on I 85 & I-75. The lease is 15 years. The lease payment is $4200 a month for 30% whic...

LED Gas Numbers

4 ft x 10 ft Other
4x10 LED gas numbers work good
Billboard for Sale: I-75 Billboard in GA., , GA
I-75 Billboard in GA.
10 ft x 40 ft
Billboard for Sale: Digital Billboard, Atlanta, GA
Digital Billboard
Digital Billboard
14 ft x 48 ft
Billboard for Sale: LED Gas Numbers, Tifton, GA
LED Gas Numbers
Call for Price
4 ft x 10 ft