Looking for Billboards for Rent? OutdoorBillboard.com has 3 Billboards for Rent in New York County, NY.

Manhattan - Mobile Billboard

23 ft x 7.5 ft Transit Display
Our Manhattan mobile billboard route starts in Newark, NJ and passes through Weehawkin into midtown Manhattan near Times Square. The billboard remains in the area for 6-8 hours daily prior to returning in a similar route.

Mobile Billboards in NYC

10 ft x 20 ft Billboard
Mobile marketing is not just advertising, it’s about making a STATEMENT! It’s for those that dare to be different. Imagine your creative piece rolling down the busy streets of Times Square on a HUGE 10 x 20 flat panel billboard truck. Imagine taking ...

32x38 Outdoor Billboard

32 ft x 38 ft Outdoor Billboard
Additional Information: This full color, 1,300 square foot, high resolution video/LED display is displayed on the facade of the Port Authority Terminal facing 42nd Street. This is the "gateway' in and out of New York City. Port Authority consumers...
Billboard for Rent: Manhattan - Mobile Billboard, New York, NY
Manhattan - Mobile Billboard
Transit Display
23 ft x 7.5 ft
Billboard for Rent: Mobile Billboards in NYC, New York, NY
Mobile Billboards in NYC
10 ft x 20 ft
32x38 Outdoor Billboard
Call for Price
Outdoor Billboard
32 ft x 38 ft