Hi, Susan, Thank you for your help this afternoon!

“I’ve been an advertiser on OutdoorBillboard.com for several years. The business generated has more than paid for the advertising expense. It’s a solid investment in prospective clients.”


This is Dan Cugini from Billboards USA. I have a running ad for billboards in Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola. Please stop the ad as they are now in contract (thanks to you!).

If this does not close, I will re-open again with you.

Thank you,
Daniel M. Cugini
Billboards USA

Could you please remove LA4 in the for sale section. I have sold the sign, thanks to the ad exposure.

Thanks so much.

Michael Grace
Ace Outdoor Advertising

I want you all to know these ads work.
We get lots of calls from your site. Thanks so much for all you do.
Best Regards,

Michael Grace
Ace Outdoor Advertising

Please remove FL28 from your site, you do have a great site.


I just completed your April boot camp and would like to leave a comment on your website. I am very pleased with the whole process and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in looking into this.I cannot say enough good things about Frank and his patience and knowledge. If I had it to do all over again, I would.


Dave, Frank and his staff are outstanding and the Bootcamp exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this experience to anyone seeking to learn the outdoor billboard business.

Bob C.

Dear Frank,

Greetings from Cyprus!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to write a book on billboards and for sharing your wisdom on the subject with the rest of us. In a business that is mostly self taught by trial and error your examples made things easy, clear and to the point. I can assure you that your concepts are greatly appreciated and being put to work.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

George Havadjias

I appreciate your recommendations on how to work with your landowners and city officials. Having been in business for over 30 years I believe much of my success is due to working with city officials and landowners exactly how you describe it. That is how I train employees and that is how we treat everyone we do business with including contractors and suppliers. I would like to carry your recommendations one step further. If our entire industry practiced those habits it would be easier for the entire industry. Most city officials and landowners where we have experienced the greatest amount of adversity is when someone else in our industry was there before us and it was a bad experience for them. In fact, there is one operator here in Texas that was and is so bad I have had state officials tell me that changes in the state regulations were do mostly in part due to the poor business practices of this one individual. Treating your landowners and city officials as friends and with respect whether or not things go your way or not on a single issue will always pay dividends in the end. Thanks again for your article.





Your Website keeps getting better. Its an asset to the entire industry. We look forward to becoming a paying advertiser in 2009.

Best to you

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all the billboard related information you have on the website www.outdoorbillboard.com and for the book you published, “Billboard Lease Negotiations.” I found this information very useful after I was contacted by a billboard company about placing a sign on my property.

My initial research began with looking for information on billboard leases that would help protect the landowner. I soon found out not much advice has been written from the landowner’s perspective. Then I thought maybe it was best to just contact an attorney to address my questions. I called around to many law offices and realized it was difficult to locate someone that specialized in billboard issues.

I was determined to educate myself before I signed the lease and it was at this point I found your website. I was amazed at all the information available. Your materials helped me to discover all of the necessary elements that need to be included in a long-term ground lease in order to protect myself, the landowner. Outdoorbillboard.com provided a one-stop shop for everything billboard related. I especially found the articles and newsletters that you wrote to be informative, and they provided insight into how the billboard industry really operates.

When I learned that you had written a book, “Billboard Lease Negotiations,” I decided to purchase it. This book has been the best investment I have made in this entire learning process saving me thousands of dollars per year on just one suggested lease clause alone. This publication has provided me with a hands-on approach for items a billboard landowner should consider when leasing land for a sign. I would have never thought of many of the items that you highlight, yet they are critical concepts and clauses that must be considered before signing a lease.

So in the end, I took all the information I learned from you and hired an attorney to implement these concepts into the actual lease. What I ended up with was a solid document that was fair and equal, yet protected me as the landowner from several important considerations that without your assistance I would have never known to ask for. The billboard company, who admitted their lease was very one sided, seemed shocked that I uncovered as many loopholes as I did. Without your help, that would not have been possible. The bottom line is if you don’t negotiate to include certain things in the lease that may be beneficial to you as the landowner, things that you have every right to ask for, most billboard companies will not voluntarily offer the information. I have the original version of the lease that proves it.

So Frank, with all of your help and suggestions, the insider secrets to the billboard industry are now exposed. I can not agree you more than with a quote from your book that this really is, “The book your billboard company does not want you to read!”

Thanks – Gil

I had a very positive conversation with this lead. I believe I am going to establish a Bank/Broker situation that should provide better lending rates to the operators. Your leads are valued and should benefit the users of Outdoor Billboards. Com.


Ken Stahl
BannerCom Inc.

Thanks for all of your help, as an independent it would be hard for a company of my size to reach the same audience that your website has. Can you please remove my listing on outdoorbillbard.com because I just sold my billboard.

Thanks Again

Jeffrey Smith
Smith Outdoor Advertising

To the folks at OutdoorBillboard.com,

I just wanted to write and thank you for all your responses to my emails and inquiries from yesterday when I was having such a difficult time with your website.

Diane Burget was especially helpful in working with me to sort out my listings and help me to understand all the possible placement opportunities you have available.

I appreciate the responsiveness and your attention to my concerns. I will work to place the rest of my listings on your site in the next day or two.

Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you!


Patti Reeves
Island Displays: www.islanddisplays.tc
Boardworks: www.boardworks.com

I don’t have the need to run any ads right now. I will be in touch as soon as I have a new ad ready. Thank you, as your site is awesome.
Michael Grace
ACE Outdoor, LLC

I want to thank you for helping me with posting all of my listings on www.outdoorbillboard.com. Although, I have not rented any of my locations yet, I have received several calls about them using your website.
In addition, I also made several contacts from your website.

Thanks in Advance

Jeff Smith
Smith Outdoor Advertising

Thank you so much. We have several digital billboards for sale, and have already received many inquiries from our first posting with you.

Look forward to working with you.


You have a great site. Looking forward to doing business with you.

Dan VanTreese

I truly appreciate your help today. Its very rare that I receive the level of service and assistance you provided for me! I look forward to working with you in the future.

Enjoy your day!


Chris Long
Managing Member
Metropolitan Marketing LLC

The site is great and we get a lot of calls from it.

Thank you very much.


We have sold the sites that are listed, thank you very much for your help, love your website!

We are listed as MO4, and we had the “Fire Sale” tag on the listing.

We will be posting more from the Nebraska market soon and look forward to more success.

Thank you,

Bill White

I just rented my billboard space at an annual rate of $600. You can take my ad out of your web site, and send me a bill for the advertising.
Thank you very much for your service. I like the way you communicate with me, and the open offer for the advertising fee.

Best regard,


I just wanted to let you know that I have a tenant for my space in Fond du Lac, WI. (US41 near WIS23). You may remove my ad from your web site. Thank you for the complementary listing (and for the neat calendar mouse pad). My new tenant found me via the “for rent” sign on my vacant sign. It is a local company. Nevertheless, I think your web site is a valuable service. Later this year, if I have any non-renewing tenants, I will be in touch with you.

Best Regards,

Richard Schreiner
Winchester, LLC

I have rented the Billboard for 2 years. You can update it. I will definitely come back in 2 years. Your service is GREAT!



Thank You, Also the very first day we posted our transit advertisement we got a deal!!!

Again Thank You

Fred Heymann

Great site by the way! I hear a lot of people talking abut it…


Your site is fantastic. Although we only placed our add a few days ago we have gotten quite a few “hits”. We have been in the billboard business before there were computers so having the ability to reach out to potential customers across the U.S. has really expanded our opportunities.

Thanks, Chris

I am totally impressed with your website. I have been in the billboard business for over ten years and am very impressed with your one of a kind website. I am actually still listed with a location for sale in Orlando, Florida. I have always received prompt responses from your company regarding changes and have also received numerous calls as a result of my listings on the website. Please keep up the good work. Thanks for all you do.



That’s it. Dave, I got a lead from your site that led to a three month buy on both sides of my board. If you want to use that as a testimonial, please do. Thanks!.


Thanks so much.

We had several phone calls from people seeing the listing on your site. Eventually it was me contacting personally the company that is buying me, and giving them information, that then lead to the buy. However… I did receive valid interest from my listing on your site.

I appreciate your service.


We have sold one of the locations that we have listed w/ you. (Thank you!)

Thanks again, this site is wonderful!


I have to say the site is very good.

All the best,


I’ve had a listing on your website for the past several years for my plant in New Mexico. I’ve recently sold my company to Lamar in Albuquerque. If you’d like to place a “sold” banner on the ad and eventually delete the listing altogether that would be great.

Thank you for holding the listing for so long. I received quite a few calls from it over the years.

Thanks again


Site works well, I had a number of inquiries from my ad, however, I sold it from a lead from another source.



Thanks for all your help and support. You have a great site and I think will
really take off in the future.