So you have a billboard that won’t rent.  Maybe you need to change you attitude to get it sold.  Here’s the deal: everyone would take it for free, right?  Sure they would.  Thank God you have a commodity that everyone wants.

So your real problem is not the product, it’s the pricing.  The demand is there.  Your job is to find the advertiser that will pay you more than any other advertiser for that sign.  To accomplish this you have to conquer three objectives; 1) market the space effectively 2) prioritize the potential advertisers 3) work to close the deal and obtain the winning “bid”. Continue reading


“Flagging a sign” is an imperfect art that allows you to get a read on the height of your proposed billboard visually from the street.  It is normally done one of two ways”

By Crane

To accomplish this, you need a tape measure (100’ fiberglass) and a red towel.  You also need a 75’ or so skyhook crane.  You attach the skyhook crane ball to the tape measure, and tie a red towel around the cable just above the ball. You then lift up the crane until the ball is at the bottom of the proposed sign face.  What you have done is to create a fairly accurate indication of the sign face in mid air – so that you can see if the sign is tall enough. Continue reading

Renting the Ad Space on a Left-Hand Read

Every two-sided billboard has two distinctly different ad faces to rent — the right-hand read and the left-hand read.  The right-hand read is the side of the sign that is seen on the right-hand side of the street, while the left-hand read is the side that is always seen on the other side of the road, beyond the lane carrying traffic the other direction.

In almost all cases, the right-hand read is considered the more desirable side — in the old days, billboard companies often built one-sided signs and didn’t bother to even put left-hand reads on the structure.  With the significant cost of the steel monopole structure, it became imperative that there be two income units, so almost all modern signs have two sides.

Renting the left-hand read is significantly harder than the right-hand read.  However, there are three key benefits to the left-hand read that you need to enthusiastically present to your client to make such a sale possible. Continue reading