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  • Rent: Call for Price
  • Media Type: Billboard, Digital Billboard
  • Illuminated: Yes
  • Property ID: 1365331
  • Posted On: Dec 7, 2020
  • Updated On: Dec 7, 2020

Property Description

The new Media Sign is a new 14’ x 48’ Multi-
Advertisement Electronic Billboard located on the I-10
East of the Tippecanoe exit. It’s the only electronic
billboard of two locations on the North side of the I-10
between the I-215 interchange and the City of Yucaipa.
Located in the core of the Inland Empire, the Marathon
Media Sign is within a 10-mile radius of Riverside, San
Bernardino, Loma Linda, Highland, Redlands and Moreno
Valley. It’s surrounded by residential communities, retail
stores, universities, trade schools, big box stores, DIY
stores, restaurants and many more.
Fantastic Value
Compared to other advertising options, the LED Media
Sign offers the greatest value for the cost per impression
made for your brand. The cost per thousand (CPM)
impressions for standard outdoor billboard advertising
averages $2.50, and with ours it’s $0.85 CPM on average.
Compared with other print media, such as magazines or
newspapers, the CPM ranges between $8.00 and $20.00
(cable and broadcast television are about the same). The
audience, your customers, is usually locals that reside and
work within 10-20 miles of this premier location. There’s no
better way to reach your local target audience than with
the electronic display they will drive past when they are
going to work, to play, to shop or to visit. When they need
to engage your products and services, they will remember
your brand by an impression that has already been made
and contact you.

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