Billboard Details

  • Price:
  • Purchase Method: Cash
  • Daily Circulation: 10,000
  • Visibility: Any Direction
  • Ad Size: 6 ft x 10 ft
  • Illuminated: Yes
  • Property ID: 370717
  • Posted on Apr 29, 2013

Property Description

Fast, Affordable, and Effective Mobile Advertising Trailers

Advertise your business with a mobile trailer sign called a Portaboard™.

Portaboards™ are larger than life mobile billboards that let you engage your audience with the most affordable, effective, and targeted solution in outdoor advertising. With a Portaboard™ you are in control of exactly where and when you advertise.

Cost Effective - Your advertising dollar buys greater coverage compared to mainstream outdoor media and even other mobile billboards in the market. Less cost, More exposure by never paying monthly fees to advertise your business!

Effective - Obtain over 10,000 impressions per hour, per mobile billboard by finding your audience everywhere and targeting exactly the right customers.

Versatile - Portaboards™ can be used to promote sales, grand openings, conventions, political campaigns, fundraisers, websites, new products, birthdays, etc.

New Portaboard Packages start at $1850

Sizes Available - Portaboards™ come in a variety of sizes including: 4' x 8' | 6' x 10' | 10' x 17' | 10' x 22' | Custom Sizes

Included - New Portaboards™ include the actual Portaboard, a brand new trailer (with title), both full color vinyl signs, and graphic design, if needed, at NO EXTRA COST.

Availability and delivery times may vary, to have an accurate quote please contact us or check out our website at:

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