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3’x8’ Mobile Billboard/Truck Sign

Billboard for Sale in Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, AR
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Billboard for Sale

Ad Size: 3 ft x 8 ft
Illuminated: No
Purchase Method: Cash
Status: Active
Property ID: 371556
Posted on: May 10, 2013
Updated on: Dec 21, 2013

Property Description

The Portaboard™ Truck Model is designed to conveniently fit into the bed of any size pickup truck, but can also be used as a freestanding billboard by adjusting the legs from 20" up to 36" tall. Strap them to either the truck bed tie downs or to stakes in the ground. These are extremely economical for small businesses that want great exposure.

Portable: Our truck models are the true definition of portable. Take your message everywhere and anywhere without having to do anything but drive!

Cost Efficient: Advertising is one of the most important aspects of any business, but costs can quickly add up. With a Portaboards™ Truck Model, make every dollar count towards capturing your customer’s attention.

Versatile: The Portaboards™ Truck Model can also be converted into a freestanding billboard, if needed. Adjustable legs on the Portaboards™ Truck Model can be raised or lowered from 20" to 36" to the perfect height if you need to take it out of your truck and place it on the ground. This makes it a flexible solution for your advertising needs.

*Vinyl NOT included, however we do offer package pricing if you need vinyl signage.

Complete packages include the Portaboard™ Truck Model and both vinyls. Graphic design is available, if needed, at NO EXTRA COST.

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