Billboard Details

  • Purchase Method: Cash
  • Daily Circulation: 10,000
  • Visibility: Any Direction
  • Ad Size: 1 ft x 3 ft
  • Listing ID: 373990
  • Posted On: Jun 3, 2013
  • Updated On: Dec 21, 2013


12" x 36" Portaboard™ Hitch

"Free sign and graphic design with all purchases"

Advertise Your Business With A Vehicle Hitch Billboard Advertising Sign

The Portaboard™ Hitch is a vehicle advertising sign that fits in 2" and 1¼" hitch receivers on any vehicle. The hitch advertising sign is 12½" tall by 36 ½" wide and has a live advertising area of 11" tall by 35" wide. It's made out of all steel construction triple painted with laminated graphics that resist fading for 3 years.

Spread awareness - Want to grow your business? Put your message in front of potential captive customers during their commutes to work and weekends out shopping.

Increase sales - Designed to be simple and easy, the Portaboard™ Hitch is our most affordable solution.

Reach people on the go - Today, more and more people are on the go and equipped with instant access to the web from phones and tablets. Portaboard™ Hitches make it easy for those people to find learn about your store - or give you a call directly from your ad.

Make changes anytime - They're your ads. So whenever you want, you can change to a new sign, rotate old ones out, or display the weekend special as you need to and as often as you like.

• Dimensions: 12½" tall x 36½" wide
• Live area: 11" tall x 35" wide
• 18 Pounds total weight
• All steel construction
• Fits both 2" and 1¼" hitch receivers on any vehicle
• Quick change affordable signs
• Simple and straightforward installation with no tools required
• Locking receiver pin to prevent theft

In the box
• Your brand new Portaboard™ Hitch
• Your full color sign already in place
• A locking receiver pin to prevent theft
• Instruction booklet for changing the sign
• and great customer support from our team

Frequent Questions:
1. Are there any tools necessary to install or remove the Portaboard™ Hitch? - No, the Portaboard™ Hitch is very simple to install. It comes pre assembled with your first sign already in place and ready to be slid into the receiver on your vehicle.

2. Do you offer delivery or shipping? - Yes, The Portaboard™ Hitch is shipped all over the nation at an affordable price with UPS or FedEx.

3. Can I change out the sign? - Yes, It is very easy to change out the sign on the Portaboard Hitch. We include directions with all packaging.

4. Where do I order new sign? - You can order a new sign by visiting our website at and clicking on "new signs and banners" under the products tab or at any local sign shop in your area.

Shipping and delivery
Shipping - We will ship the Portaboard™ Hitch but rates vary depending on location and shipping options. (overnight, express, ground) Please contact us for more information or a quote.

Local Pickup - You can always pick-up your Portaboard™ Hitch locally in Denton, TX. Please contact us for more information and directions.

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