Billboard Details

  • Media Type: Billboard, Transit Display
  • View: Left, Right, Front & Rear
  • Visibility: All Directions
  • Ad Size: 8 ft x 26 ft
  • Illuminated: Yes
  • Property ID: 554057
  • Posted On: Aug 18, 2015
  • Updated On: Feb 24, 2017

Property Description

This mobile billboard travels through Pawtucket, RI and the surrounding areas everyday. Imagine your advertisement traveling 8 plus hours per day 7 days a week being seen 250,000 times a day! Advertisements are seen from all sides of the truck from the streets and major highways.

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Your mobile advertisement includes:

• 24/7 GPS Tracking 

• Seen in all directions (Both sides, rear, and front) 

• Huge advertising display 

• High quality designs 

• Large exposure

• Seen by +/- 250,000 people per day

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